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  • Tristates pictures have been posted.  Check them out – Tristates Photos
  • Looking for a new challenge or a new ride?  Take a look at the Alabama Backroads Century Series.  Our very own Tristates 100 is a part of this again for 2017.
  • The 2017 Membership Drive for DAC continues!
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Recent Event Highlights

Cycle Chicks Workshop

cyclechick1cyclechick6  cyclechick3cyclechick2cyclechick8

Dave’s Ice Cream Trailer


Ride for Turkeys


More Ride for Turkeys event photos can be found here.

Time Trial

Results here
And a comparison to the last time trial here.

Things I learned at Cheaha Challenge

By Dave Crocker

One of the first things I learned is that it is pronounced Chi-ha, as in Chief says “Ha, no self respecting Indian try to climb that big mountain on silly little bike wearing silly little shorts.  That what we catch horses for.”  The mountain was named by the Creek Indians and means “High Place”.  Boy did they get that right!  It is the highest point in Alabama and the Starting Line sure doesn’t feel like it starts out at anywhere near even the second highest point in Alabama.  The course starts out with some gentle rollers but it doesn’t take long to find some real climbing…  Read more here.