Bicycle Maintenance:  Flat Repair / Tire Replacement
The easiest way to become stranded when riding a bicycle, whether that be a road or mountain bike, is to have a flat tire.  The solution to this problem is simple provided you have the proper equipment and the knowhow to repair the flat… Read more here.

Bicycle Maintenance:  Adjusting your front and rear derailleur
In this month’s maintenance section, we wanted to take a look at adjusting your derailleurs.  This can easily be done with just a bit of practice.  Knowledge of how to adjust a derailleur, especially a rear derailleur can mean the difference between a smooth long weekend ride and stressful one… Read more here.

Bicycle Maintenance:  Cleaning / Lubricating A Drivetrain
One of the most important aspects of proper bicycle maintenance is many times also the most overlooked or ignored.  That is cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain… Read more here.

Check back soon to learn about some additional bike maintenance basics.


(last edited 4-27-2012)